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The Magic of Event Lighting


Have you ever been to an event where only the venue lighting was used?  If you have, I’m sorry, that must have been painful for you!  Lighting is a very important aspect of event production,  and it is a necessary expense.

Lighting sets the tone for your event, accentuates special times during your event, and can make guests feel much more comfortable.  It can even help them spend more money at your fundraiser!  I’ll tell you how in a bit, but first let’s go over why lighting is so important.

Encore Entertainment in San Fransisco  had this to say on their website:

“There are many different levels of lighting and different colors will help create the theme of your event. In the past we have created classical-elegant events, modern-elegant events, and modern club-style events. A classical, more elegant event will typically use Ivory and possibly one additional color in the scene. A current, modern theme can be created with 2 or 3 different colors and little Ivory lighting. An ultra-modern event may incorporate scenes that change color throughout the evening. Our advanced intelligent equipment allows us to slowly fade from one color scene to another. Whatever the theme of your event, we have something to suit every occasion”


This particular photo was taken at Family Options Fabulous 50’s Night by J’s Event Solutions.

The up-lighting here in this photo makes the swag above seem pink when it’s actually white.  It’s a small amount of lighting but it makes a huge impact.  

OK!  You know how to get people to spend more money at your fundraiser?  I do.  Lighting, lighting, lighting!!  Casino’s use this trick, they have no clocks, no windows, there is no natural light and they use combinations of lighting and music to lure you in.

Here’s a quote from one article I found from Time Out Chicago:

In one study, Griffiths found 56 volunteers to play roulette, piping in different combinations of music and lighting colors. A combo of red lights and fast-tempo music made people bet at a faster pace than did white lights and no music or slow music, probably because it matched gamblers’ images of a sexy, high-stakes casino.


If this works for a casino it can definitely work for a live or silent auction at an event, and that’s what we want right!  I don’t know about you but I like the events I work to bring in LOTS of money.

Here are some more helpful hints from J’s Event Solutions

Add lighting to your centerpieces, you can use battery operated tea-lights or candles.

Add under-lighting to your tables, or LED table skirting, for photos go here http://www.save-on-crafts.com/undertableled.html

If you are on a tight budget use one wall and make it spectacular.  There is no reason to do the whole venue if you can have one elegant or simply amazing wall.  It can become the talk of the evening and no one ever has to know you budgeted on it!

Use overhead lighting to make patterns on the  dance floor, you can use several different colors and change patterns through the night if you like.

Hope these tips helped!  Thanks for reading, have an eventful day :),


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Professional Photography


Photographers can cost anywhere from $500.00-$5000.00 depending on what package you choose and what kind of photographer is needed for your event.  If you can afford it definitely hire a professional,  but if not check out some tips I have to get the best bang for your buck.


Call a photography professor at your local college, and ask for his three best students.  Tell them you are looking for someone to help photograph your event or wedding and that you would like to trade their expertise for (name your price here, I would suggest at least $200 for time and effort), use of the photos in their portfolio, and hopefully a RAVING review from you as well as three or more referrals for more work for them.  Students are usually starving and really looking to have professional experience before they leave college to be able to compete in this world today.  You never know, you may get someone to just do it for the experience and 20 bucks an hour.  Do the same for your videographer, but call your local college and ask for the journalism department.  MAKE SURE YOU SEE ALL PORTFOLIOS AND MEET WITH EVERYONE FIRST.  Make up a contract as well if you feel more comfortable.

Do not have the photographer print your photos!!!  You can request your professional not to print the photos, just ask for them to be put on CD.  This way you can print whenever you want, however you want, how many you want of which…etc etc etc, this just gives you the best control and you are not obligated to the photographer for actual prints.  Most photographers will include a CD instead of prints, but you will still be obligated to package requirements.  Don’t be afraid to tell them you don’t need all the bells and whistles for your special day and see if they are willing to work with you, if not, move on.

This is not my favorite route to go but I have to include it.  Disposable cameras, *I cringe*.  The up side is that you can have your guests take the photos and that gets them participating in your event as well.  The downside is that I think you will end up with a bunch of pics that, well to be honest, you will not like.


For non-profit events find a volunteer who is also a shutterbug, it’s free!


There are two different corporate photography functions, event photography and headshots or business portraits.  This is where you will need to carefully choose a photographer.  Events are usually in the evening and have ambient lighting, so you really need someone who will realize that your event “isn’t the same as shooting outdoors”.  Also you will want someone artistic to take pictures of food and decor, not just of people.  Again, I will hail the college route, just make sure you see plenty of event pictures from a students portfolio.  They will usually be happy to work for the exposure for less than a professional.  Headshots and business portraits?  Well if you’re a corporation you can afford to hire some decent talent for this.  I wouldn’t skimp here.  After all you do want your representatives to look their best and feel confident about their professional portraits.

Lastly, it never hurts to ask for a payment plan if the total is not within your budget at the moment!

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